Need a refreshing drink? Try a Pimm’s Cup:

  • 2.0 ounces Pimm’s #1 Gin Sling
  • 7-Up, bitter lemon, lemonade, ginger ale or ginger beer.

In an iced highball glass, pour in the Pimm’s #1. Fill with 7-Up if you’re modern, bitter lemon or lemonade if you are British, or ginger ale (or ginger beer). Stir. Garnish with a long wedge of cucumber, and breathe deep as you sip.

It has been unseasonably warm here, and when I came in from working on the farm I wanted something cold, tall and refreshing. So I made a Pimm’s Cup.

This drink is part of a class of drinks known as “Fruit Cups“, a British specialty drink usually served in the summer. Pimm’s #1 is probably the best known liqueur for Fruit Cups, although I learned that there were actually six varieties of Pimm’s, each with a different base spirit (#1 is based on gin). Only #1 is still available.

Although I’m sure purists will gasp, I used French lemonade in this one. My friend Wayne had bought it for my birthday and it was perfect in this drink. Note that Pimm’s is only 50 proof so it is much weaker than most of the cocktails featured here. When summer gets into full swing I’ll probably alternate between this and Gin and Tonics. The flavor reminds me of some specialty colas, and it is very easy to drink.

Rating: 5/5 – this is a weak 5 but since I did have two of them, it counts. Actually, I had three of them since my pictures didn’t come out from the first take. (sigh)

Pimm’s Cup